E V Fire Blankets

Our range of EV Fire Blankets are essential for many sectors and are suitable for
• Outdoor parking • Underground car parks • Commercial centres • Hotel car parks • Car rental companies • Mechanical workshops • Firefighters • Ferries • Port services • Car dealerships • EV charging stations etc

Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket (PBB3) 6m x 8m

Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket (PBB3) 6m x 8m

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What does the lithium-ion battery (LiB) fire blanket do?

The lithium-ion battery fire blanket tackles a different type of fire.

When a lithium-ion battery burns, it is as a result of a chemical reaction and, unlike other types of fire, does not require oxygen.

This makes it more difficult to fight as it burns very hot, releases toxic gases, and can sustain itself for long periods of time.

The lithium-ion battery fire blankets work in the same way as normal fire blankets above.

It contains and controls the fire by smothering it and prevents the spread of fire to other flammable materials in the area.

However, the blanket is made from a specialist material to withstand the extreme temperatures and neutralise the gases released.

Once placed over the LiB fire, the fire blanket can allow safe evacuation of the premises, building, or office, until the Fire Service arrives.

Where can the LiB fire blanket be used?

The LiB can be used on any device containing a lithium-ion battery.

This includes electrical vehicles, scooters, drills, laptops, mobile phones, and more!

There are a multitude of sizes and types to suit each piece of equipment.

It is recommended that the LiB blankets should be left on the battery for a minimum of 2 hours, however thermal imaging monitoring is also recommended if a device is readily available to monitor the heat.

The toxic off gases that are produced can, in extreme cases, be flammable in contained environments so some form of venting will be required, if possible, to reduce the likelihood of further danger.

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