Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam spray fire extinguishers generally replace the traditional water extinguishers because they are much safer to use and deal with class "A" and "B" fires. Foam Spray Fire Extinguishers are most commonly used in offices, garage forecourts, factories and shops.

2ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher

2ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher

£27.31£32.77 inc. VAT
Firechief CTX 9L Foam Extinguisher (21A 183B 75F)

Firechief CTX 9L Foam Extinguisher (21A 183B 75F)

£34.38£41.26 inc. VAT

Available from 17/06/2024

9 Litre Foam Spray Fire Extinguisher (FXF9)

9 Litre Foam Spray Fire Extinguisher (FXF9)

£48.35£58.02 inc. VAT

Available from 23/05/2024

How Do foam Fire Extinguishers Work?
Cooling Effect: Foam reduces the temperature of the fire by absorbing heat.
Oxygen Deprivation: The foam forms a barrier, cutting off the fire’s access to oxygen.
Fire Triangle Breakdown: By disrupting the fire triangle (heat, fuel, and oxygen), Foam extinguishers help extinguish flames.

Where Are Foam Fire Extinguishers Useful?
Class A Fires: These involve ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, and textiles.
Class B Fires: These include flammable liquids such as oil, petrol, and paint.

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