Lithium Battery Fire Extinguishers

A lithium-ion battery fire may result from physical damage that causes a short circuit, overcharging or by increased external temperature.
Firechief Lith-Ex is the world’s first fire extinguisher designed to tackle Lithium-ion battery fires in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, toys, power tools and electric scooters.

• Designed for use on Lithium-ion battery fires • Kitemark approved (Models FLE2, FLE6, FLE9) • Can extinguish Lithium-ion battery fires, uncontrollable by other extinguisher types
• Quickly cools and prevents excessive heat, forming a thermal barrier to stop fire propagation • Easy to store • Non-toxic • Environmentally friendly • Ideal for use on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, power tools, toys, electric scooters and e-bikes

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