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Cavius 65mm \'Wireless\' Heat Alarm

Cavius 65mm 'Wireless' Heat Alarm

Product Code: 138-1014

£38.47 Inc VAT
£32.06 Ex VAT
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    Thermo-sensitive detector with wireless interlink, detecting rapidly increased heat or absolute heat level
    Designed for installation in private homes or garages with a risk of smoky, dusty, or humid or environments, for example kitchen area, living room with wood burning stove
    Battery type: Duracell 5 year replaceable 3v CR123A lithium battery 1600mAh.
    Low battery indication
    Audible indicator min. 85 dB @ 3 metres
    Red LED visible indicator
    Push button‘ Set Up’, ‘Hush’ and ‘Test’
    EN 60065
    EN 54-5
    EN 300-220
    CE Mark