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Premium Fire Point

Tired of rusty looking stands on petrol forecourts? We have the answer. The Firechief Premium Fire Point is made of rotationally moulded plastic making it the most robust and hard-wearying mobile fire point on the market.

Why focus on petrol forecourts? Well, that’s probably where we notice rusted fire points most often. Petrol forecourt maintenance focuses on keeping the area tidy, clean and well-presented so that customers have a pleasant experience. And one item that continues to look unkempt in their improving environments is the extinguisher trolley! Why shouldn’t petrol forecourt fire safety look neat and tidy as well?

Changing to the premium trolleys is a no-brainer. They are manufactured from 100% recyclable PE which makes them non-corrosive and scratch resistant. This material is also UV resistant meaning that they don’t even fade in sunlight!

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