Firechief Pyroflow Passive Fire Suppression Granules – 12Kg

Firechief Pyroflow Passive Fire Suppression Granules – 12Kg

MPN: 142-1000

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Mineral-based fire suppression agent for metal fires and Lithium-ion batteries

• A mineral based suppressant granule that is non-toxic and eco-friendly
• Can be used as a thermally stable packaging filler when Lithium-ion batteries are present
• Will smother, suppress and encapsulate Lithium-ion batteries in the event of thermal runaway
• Effectively binds liquids and filters gases

Firechief PyroFlow is a new and environmentally friendly suppression agent made from expanded glass granulate. It can be used for preventative fire protection and fire fighting where Lithium-ion batteries are present. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed recycled glass containing tiny internal pores, forming a partially closed cell structure. Since the granulate is 100 % mineral based, it is noncombustible.

How does Firechief PyroFlow work?
By using Firechief PyroFlow as a packaging media, in the event of a battery fire Firechief PyroFlow melts to form glass , caused by the high temperatures as released by such an incident. In the process, the granules absorb a lot of heat as they melt, thus cooling the fire, and at the same time forming an impermeable shell around the fire load encapsulating it from further reaction.

• Ideal for use as a packaging media as part of a fire risk mitigation strategy to delay the spread of Lithium-ion battery fires
• Recommended for use with fireproof or specialist containers
• Position batteries and/or battery devices centrally to ensure a sufficient layer of Pyroflow granules on all sides
• Consider placing new or in-life batteries within a sealed container prior to immersion in granules to prevent dust ingress or surface scratching
• Where batteries and/or devices are packaged in combustible materials, a sufficiently thick layer of granules should be used to provide adequate material around any secondary packaging
• In the event of fire, contact the emergency services and do not approach or open containers, as projectiles may form during release of extreme heat Scan for more information

Model PFP12
Product code 142-1000
Grain size (mm) 1-4
Content weight (kg) 12
Bag material Paper
Bag dimensions (mm) 800(h) x 400(w) x 150(l)

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  • MPN: 142-1000
  • Distributed by: Trade Fire Safety
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