Fire Safety Stick Pro Extinguisher - 100 Seconds

Fire Safety Stick Pro Extinguisher - 100 Seconds


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No other Fire Extinguisher is as practical, safe, versatile, effective and easy to use as the Fire Safety Stick.
Compact and safe to store, this 100 second version (takes 100 seconds to fully discharge) is ideal for smaller boats, cars, kitchens, garages, workbenches, small caravans & campers.
It weighs far less than a conventional fire extinguisher and can operate for much longer. And best of all, there is NO residue left behind after use.
Environmentally friendly, it can be safely stored for easy access in an emergency. Then the Fire Safety Stick will help you to contain a fire, preventing it from becoming a threat to life or property. In fact, for enclosed fires (e.g. within a boats cabin) you can activate the Fire Safety Stick, leave it inside to extinguish the fire, as you get out to safety.
Unlike conventional extinguishers, it needs no servicing, refilling, checks or maintenance and has no expiry date. No danger from pressurised containers which can explode or malfunction. Store the Fire Safety Stick in an easily accessible place ready for use. Strike the activator and point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core. It’s so easy a child could do it!
• Leaves NO RESIDUE & NO MESS – no additional damage around the fire
• Works on ALL MAJOR types of fire – A, B, C, Electrical & F – no trying to guess whether it’s the right type of extinguisher to use
• Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire – 100 seconds compared to just 12 seconds for a 3.5kg dry powder extinguisher
• SAFE & EASY to use – One handed use once activated. Totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
• FAST but secure activation to prevent it being accidentally triggered
• No Servicing, No Maintenance – 10 years proven shelf life
• SMALL & LIGHT – only 33cm x 4cm and 380g

Every Fire Safety Stick comes with a FREE MOUNTING BRACKET to fix it to a bulkhead, wall, vehicle bodywork etc. so it’s always within easy reach.

For the science buffs, here’s how it works:
The Fire Safety Stick uses a Potassium powder jet (a unique method among conventional fire extinguishers) that employs the vaporisation of the powder in the environment followed by the condensation of its extinguishing substance. It works by interrupting a fire’s chain of reaction (the “auto-catalyst” of the fire).
Fire Safety Stick is composed of stable, solid minerals; it does not contain gas and is not pressurised. The aerosol-like jet is only produced when the charger is struck with its base. The produced aerosol jet is free of thrust and is essentially an inert salt that emits gas already present in the atmosphere. This process allows the stick to extinguish all types of fires through saturation, while its slow bio-degradation in the environment, further prevents the likelihood of subsequent fires.
The extinguishing process involves two different reactions: one is physical and the other, chemical. The physical reaction relates to potassium’s tendency to oxidise rapidly in air. When in contact with air, alkaline salts consume great quantities of oxygen, thus depriving fires of oxygen. Then the chemical reaction is created through the stable link between potassium particles and the fire’s combustion particles.
Through the two reactions, a quick oxidation process takes place, immediately transforming the jet from a solid state into a gaseous state freeing the potassium particles. These atoms are able to intercept and interrupt any other free particles produced by the fire’s natural chain reaction combustion process.

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